Sports can enthral the hearts of the citizens of a nation and uplift the national pride and prestige: Vice-Senior General

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The Vice-Senior General presents the cash award to the gold medallist.

State Administration Council Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, in his capacity as Chairman of Education, Health and Human Resource Development Committee, attended the prize-giving ceremony held in honour of the athletes of Myanmar universities who won medals at the 20th ASEAN University Games.
In his speech on the occasion, the Vice-Senior General said that sports manifest the fitness, perseverance and industry of a people, that sports competitions are a show of prowess in a fair way and that sports can enthral the hearts of the citizens of a nation and uplift the national pride and prestige. Sports play a significant role in the all-round development of a nation and so all the nations in the world try to raise their standards of sports.
He disclosed that he was glad to know that Myanmar university athletes aimed to win fair victory with mutual respect, friendship and sportsmanship. He emphasized that student-athletes gained success because they were determined to be successful in all kinds of sports as a national duty and burnish the image of the nation.
The Vice-Senior General continued that systematic measures are being taken for the nation to be able to keep abreast of other nations in all spheres, including sports. In other words, attempts are being made to enhance people’s fitness and national standards of sports. In any sports, outstanding athletes can’t be turned out overnight and the physical and mental capabilities of athletes need to be built up.
He added that, with a view to raising the sports standards of the nation, B.Sc (Sports) degree will soon be conferred at Dagon University and Yadanabon University due to the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. Moreover, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health are working in cooperation to raise the intellectual capacity of children and build up their physical fitness.
He pointed out that Myanmar student-athletes started to participate in the 15th ASEAN University Games held in Thailand. Altogether 47 athletes took part in the games and got only three bronze medals in three events of sports.
Students secured one gold and two bronze medals in their second competition in the ASEAN University Games in 2012, three silvers and five bronzes in Wushu and Karatedo, two bronzes in Sepak Takraw and three bronzes in the track and field in the third competition in 2014, one silver in Sepak Takraw event in the fourth competition in 2016, 24 golds, 26 silvers and 29 bronzes in the fifth competition hosted by Myanmar in 2018 and two golds, two silvers and two bronzes in the sixth competition in 2022.
The Prime Minister provided K200,000 and US$200 each to athletes and K100,000 and US$100 each to coaches in competition.
Gold medallists will be honoured with K7.5 million each in the singles event, silver medallists K5 million each and bronze medallists K2.5 million each. K1 million each will be awarded to players from the football team which secured the bronze medal. Coaches and managers will be honoured with K2 million each for the gold medal, K1.5 million each for silver and K1 million for bronze. Hence, K55.5 million as the reward will be presented to the winners at the ceremony.
Union Minister for Education Dr Nyunt Pe reported on the competition of the athletes in the 20th ASEAN University Games.
The Vice-Senior General, Council Members General Mya Tun Oo and Daw Aye Nu Sein and Union Ministers Dr Nyunt Pe and U Min Thein Zan presented awards of honour to the winners.
On behalf of the winners, gold medallist Ma Aye Thitsa Myint of Wushu event spoke words of thanks. — MNA

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