Sufficient water needed for getting successful summer paddy


With the onset of hot and dry season, not only unexpected strong winds and heavy rains, natural disasters such as fire and water shortage, it is needed to implement preventive measures but also it is important to ensure water availability for summer paddy to succeed with the onset of the summer paddy planting season, said Bago Region Chief Minister U Myo Swe Win.
The chief minister of the Region continued to say that it is necessary to search alluvial land and croplands to plant sunflower, an edible oil crop.
In addition, it is prepared in advance to provide inputs such as natural fertilizers, pedigree seeds and planting methods for sunflower growers. He also called for security awareness.
Then, the chairpersons of district and township administration bodies reported on the administration, education, health, agriculture, livestock and regional development activities. The region ministers and officials made additional suggestions and the region chief minister gave necessary instructions. —MNA

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