Sugarcane to be bought at around K90,000 per tonne

In the 2022-23 financial year sugarcane season, some companies have announced that they will buy sugarcane at an average price of around K90,000 per tonne.
Wilmar Sugar Company announced that sugarcane farmers in the area of the Moong Gone factory were given a rate of K79,000 per tonne of sugarcane in the contract previously signed for the 2022-23 financial year.
Similarly, Silver Pearl Sugar Company announced that it will purchase sugarcane at a rate of K90,000 per tonne during the 2022-23 sugarcane season.
Some factories stated that they will only buy sugarcane at the factory price of K75,000 per tonne.
According to news reports, sugarcane farmers along the Chinese border are getting about 450 yuan per tonne of sugarcane.
According to reports, Myanmar produces about 45,000 tonnes of sugar every year, and in previous years, the price of sugar was only K900 per pound, but now the price is more than K2,300 per pound.—TPT/GNLM

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