Take self-review on life at the third age


The lifespan of everybody can be divided into three stages: the young age, the second age and the third age. Suppose everybody has a lifespan of some 90 years old. The third stage of the person will be aged 61 to 90.
Now, the global people have about 70 years of lifespan while Myanmar’s lifespan is about 67 years. So, Myanmar people would have the third age starting from some 46 years. As an exemption, some people can have a lifespan till over 80 years old.
Generally, any persons at the third age need to consider things that would be the best for the remaining lifespan, how to continuously live in the remaining days and how to overcome challenges.
In fact, the senior citizens have been working for themselves as well as for the family, the community and the State. So, they need to take retirement from the working world. They should have the chance to pass the remaining days conveniently.

Hence, you all elder persons should keep their minds free from burdens of lives and look the best way for olden days.

Nonetheless, the remaining days for the older citizens are the most important. It is because they are weaker and weaker in daily life to overcome the challenges. They require help for their lives. Even though they are wealthy off, they require genuine friends for enjoying the remaining future shared. No matter how glitter their lives are, the sunset days of their lives need reliable partners for sharing their emotion.
That is why we all need to lend a helping hand to the elder persons in order to conveniently passing the last golden days. On the other hand, those elder persons need to set aside the unimportant things of their lives while focusing on the current events.
As the best way, they should take meditation so as to stabilize their minds. The meditated mind is the best partner for their remaining days. In Myanmar, meditation centres are open to all for helping the Yogis to take meditation. Insightful persons are sure to enjoy the taste of peaceful and tranquil Dhamma.
Hence, you all elder persons should keep their minds free from burdens of lives and look the best way for olden days.

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