Tatmadaw members collaborate to empower Armed Forces

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The Senior General extends warm greetings to Tatmadaw members and families at Pathein Station.

Tatmadaw members in individuals have to take training so as to enhance their capacity, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with Tatmadaw members and families from Pathein Station of South-West Command yesterday morning.
In his clarification, the Senior General underlined that the government decided to hand over the State duties to the government elected from the multiparty democratic general elections after the completion of the State of Emergency.
In his address, the Senior General said that as youth plays a key role in the development of the future State, it is necessary to nurture them to become leaders of the State who can initiate the future State. As education promotion can contribute a great deal to the improvement of the State, the government has been encouraging the measures for education promotion since it has taken office, he added. Moreover, the Senior General urged Tatmadaw members and families to follow the roadmap and objectives adopted by the State.
All armed forces in the international community have to defend external dangers whereas the police force must serve the duties to tackle internal armed terrorism and conflicts. But, Tatmadaw together with Myanmar Police Force is serving the duties to solve the internal armed conflicts and take security measures for the life and property of the people.
To uplift the capability of Tatmadaw, Tatmadaw members in individuals have to take training to enhance their capacity. The Senior General stressed that Tatmadaw members have to strive for building a capable and powerful Tatmadaw through individual capabilities and endeavours.
Then, the Senior General inspected regiments and units in Pathein Station in a motorcade. — MNA/TTA

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