Terrorism supporters of KNU, NMSP AD (Mon splinter group) and PDF terrorists assaulted in Kawbein, Dhammathat and surrounding villages, mine clearing operations underway

KNU1 sskm
The location where terrorists are waiting to attack security forces.

Beginning 24 March, a large number of terrorism supporters of KNU, NMSP AD (Mon splinter group) and PDF terrorists attacked departmental buildings and police stations and committed terrorist acts in Kawbein village, Kawkareik Township, Kayin State, and Dhammathat village in Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State, and surrounding villages. Local security forces and police members of police stations gathered strength and defended the places. But they had to temporarily leave Kawbein village on 25 March and Dhammathat village on 27 March and regrouped at Tayana village.
Due to their terrorist acts, local villagers had to flee from their homes with apprehension. In order to enable them to return home, Tatmadaw columns launched counter-terrorism operations in the surrounding areas of Kawbein, Dhammathat and surrounding villages on 11 April. The columns engaged with terrorists seven times and seized some enemy bodies and arms, ammunition and accessories. Some Tatmadaw members were wounded, but the columns were able to re-control Dhammathat village on 22 April and Kawbein village on 25 April. During their occupation of the Kawbein and Dhammathat villages and surrounding ones, terrorists took cover in religious buildings, schools, departmental buildings and homes and fired at Tatmadaw columns. They also planted mines around the public roads between monasteries and houses, using local people as human shields in the battles. However, the security forces responded in accord with the rules of engagement (ROE).
As the security forces advanced and crushed the enemy in systematic group formations, terrorists had to flee in disarray. But the terrorists torched or blew up homes, departmental buildings and police stations along their retreating route.
Due to the terrorist acts of terrorism supporters of KNU, NMSP AD (Mon splinter group) and PDF terrorists, many buildings in the area were destroyed.  Security forces conducted mine-clearing operations area-wise and road-wise for the safety of locals.
Mon State and Kayin State governments are preparing to conduct rehabilitation tasks together with the locals in Kawbein, Dhammathat, and surrounding villages to ensure that homes for displaced persons are provided as soon as possible. As peace and stability returned to the villages, locals returned to their homes. — MNA/TTA

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