The government pledged to strive for successfully holding a free, fair and transparent election: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses the SAC meeting 9/2022 in Nay Pyi Taw on 11 November 2022.

Only when the correct election and public-accepted election can be held in all areas will the forthcoming government successfully carry out the tasks, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the SAC meeting 9/2022 at the SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
In his speech, the Senior General said ethnic armed organizations were invited to talk about the peace for restoration of internal peace. The talks based on the Constitution (2008) and the nationwide ceasefire agreement-NCA was participated by 10 ethnic armed organizations. The government explained the measures to be taken under the law at the talks. To do so, it is necessary to submit it to the Hluttaw which is the highest political platform. The Hluttaw must comprise ethnic representatives who are capable of discussing ethnic affairs and regional affairs. Some organizations accepted the PR system for the participation of ethnic nationals in the Hluttaw. Further talks are being held with EAOs. The Senior General disclosed to reach an agreement in December. Remarkable progress can be seen in the peace talks. The forthcoming general elections are sure to cover all ethnic areas left in the previous elections.

Encouraging MSMEs to improve State economy
Operation of manufacturing based on local raw materials is the best business. The government aims to operate manufacturing activities to improve the internal economy, ensure import substitutes and increase export goods. Relevant ministries conduct training courses to turn out human resources while private businesses also open training courses to contribute much to the MSME industries. Region and state authorities need to establish agricultural and livestock zones to encourage MSMEs to manufacture basic products.

Trading to improve State economy
Every country is striving for booming the State economy. The trade sector is being implemented through 25 per cent of land borders and 75 per cent of shipping routes. In the border trade measure, agriculture and livestock products are mainly exported to neighbouring China and Thailand. Hence, it is necessary to further strive for the State economy.
Efforts of Tatmadaw to non-disintegrate unity of the nation
Tatmadaw is a part of the nation and the people. The Tatmadaw made the best cooperation with previous democratic governments in two terms. Friendly relations between the people and Tatmadaw are the best for the nation. Tatmadaw will stand forever and the people as well. Unity is the strength of the nation. Tatmadaw is carrying out the non-disintegration of the unity of the nation.

Efforts for holding the election
Efforts are being made to hold the election on schedule. The multiparty democratic general election must be free and fair. Only when the correct election and public-accepted election can be held in all areas will the forthcoming government successfully carry out the tasks. Political parties and elected representatives must be reliable for the people.
The SAC members discussed preparation for successfully exercising the PR system, taking action for illegal mining of jade stones, reviewing the tax levying over gem trading, amendment for long-term assignment of the Union Election Commission, the assistance of the Union government for development of MSMEs in Rakhine State, preventive measures against terror acts to the electoral process, and celebrating the Xmas festival in Nay Pyi Taw in 2022.
The SAC Secretary reported on amendments and supplements to the Political Parties Registration Law with the discussions of meeting participants.
In conclusion, the Senior General pledged to take effective action against terror acts through the judicial estate. The term of the Union Election Commission can be amended at the Hluttaw. Preventive measures will be taken against illegal jade mining and excavation of rare earth elements. The government in its term has paid back US$1,495 million of the State income to the foreign debts through trade incomes, income from foreign investment and taxes. For the prestige of the State, the current government yearly pays back the foreign loans of the previous government. Efforts will be made for developing the internal economy and increasing domestic production and export commodities. The government pledged to strive for successfully holding a free, fair and transparent election. — MNA

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