The Picture of Irrelevance

That iconic building in New York! It looks so peaceful! Created to make the world a more peaceful place. It has peace and security as two of the main pillars.
But inside, it is infested with egos. Its core is rotten.
Since pronouns are so popular these days, references will be made in this article as “they”, “them”, “their”, etc.
They are to serve the people. Instead, the arrogance, ignorance and self-interest have so polluted their minds that they are either in denial of how irrelevance their existence has become and or just simply incompetent and incapable of seeing the reality.
This week another one of them “bites the dust”, in connection with Myanmar.
There have been appointments of those who were no longer wanted anymore close to the Ivory Tower in New York. Dump them all on Myanmar! There was one who was appointed so that frequent trips can be made to see family and relatives in a nearby country. Then, there was a lightweight who had no clues whatsoever about Myanmar. One promptly turned up at Davos soon after the appointment. Let’s be honest, Davos is as far away as it could be with the problems in Myanmar! Whether there is a need or not, they visit the country frequently and put out press statements just to show they are working hard and justify their employment. Attempts would be made to visit the country especially when their contract is up for extension.
But once they are removed, there is no shortage of self-proclaimed righteous groups to join. They instantly become “experts”, regardless of their failures. There is a caravan of these “has beens”, endlessly and tirelessly keeping their names afloat with the hope for future appointments. It’s a clique that thinks of themselves as elitists. They all know each other. Let’s not forget, one of their own, who wrote about how to fix failed states, fled with planeloads of cash to another country and abandoned the long-suffering citizens when his country needed him most. That elitist clique is full of people like that. The more turmoil in the world the better for them. That way, they can go on serving endlessly as “consultants”, and “experts”, join this commission, write a paper for that University, attend this Forum, and be a member of that panel. They are invited to endless “Forums” and Roundtables” hosted by their “Aunties” and “Uncles” in certain capitals, business class trips and first-class accommodation all paid for by who knows!!! It’s endless! But if the world becomes more peaceful, they become jobless. They won’t be invited to Davos. They can’t go to New York or Geneva for “retreats”!!!
These “has beens”, “wannabes” and washed ups” are appointed to highly lucrative positions. As they travel to the capitals of the regions like Asia and Africa, they demand to meet with Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, etc., etc. Most of the time, their demands are granted. But when they travel to Washington DC (if they are not already declared PNG by powerful capitals!!!) there are lucky to be accorded an audience with shall we say, Deputy Assistant Secretary?
Low and mid-level officers get positions in developing countries, some of the poorest countries in the world. They start to live a life of luxury. Maids! Multiple maids! They instantly become A-listers in the local social circuit. They are invited to embassy events and events by the local rich and famous. All that goes to their heads and in the process, they begin to forget who they really are and that they are to serve the people. But these people, when they are in London or Paris or Geneva, they do their own laundry. They take the tube to go to work.
The world is strife-torn. Are we seeing what is happening in Sudan? Recent reports say Sudan is on the brink of a full-blown civil war. Isn’t Sudan one of their babies? How many years have they been in Sudan? Let’s not forget one of their other babies, South Sudan. Oh, how about Haiti? In the case of Haiti, they managed to inflict more pain on the Haitian people. The world did in Haiti? Have they brought peace to these countries after so many years/decades on the ground and countless Envoys, Representatives, and Rapporteurs?
They thrive in a crisis. Not to relieve local people of pain and suffering but for their own good. The longer the crisis goes on the longer their relevance remains. They suck up to their “Aunties” and “Uncles” in the western capitals, they kick down governments in less fortunate countries.
Some of their senior officials, western citizens based in western capitals launch scathing reports after scathing reports about Myanmar. How factual, no one crosschecks. One recent “report” blamed China and Russia. Seriously? Blame everything on China and Russia. The usual suspects can do no wrong! Would the solutions for Myanmar be found just by these usual divide-and-conquer suspects in the western countries without China and Russia? What in the world!!! Let’s be real for once. Yet, people of that low IQ continue to hold on to their positions.
What breakthrough do they have to prove in recent memory? Where have they brought lasting peace? Name one! Under their watch record number of people have been forcibly displaced or stateless. So, what have they done? Is the world becoming more peaceful?
These people should be given no role in finding solutions for the problems Myanmar is facing.
Solutions for Myanmar will come from within and with the help, cooperation and understanding of the neighbours and friendly countries.


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