Timor-Leste President’s remark on Myanmar “intrusive”; commentator replies, “Learn Myanmar’s history first”

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The recent remarks by the president of Timor-Leste regarding Myanmar have sparked controversy, with some local political commentators considering them “intrusive” into the country’s affairs. In response, they suggest President José Ramos-Horta acquaint himself with Myanmar’s history before making such public statements.
The controversy revolves around President Ramos-Horta’s message to Myanmar soldiers. One observer commented, “He should learn more about Myanmar’s history if he wants to make such statements. Criticizing without concrete evidence and reference to back it up is just speculating.”
The observer pointed out that the previous election was rife with voter fraud, with some constituents allegedly casting their votes twice or thrice. Regardless of how these cases occurred, the responsibility to address them falls on the country’s leader, and the observer believes that the Timor-Leste president may not fully understand these complexities.
The observer also questioned the president, asking how many nations have closed their embassies and left Myanmar since 1 February 2021 and how many countries have expelled Myanmar’s ambassadors. He emphasized that sowing discord within Tatmadaw is akin to fomenting discord within the nation, citing historical examples like the division of Viet Nam and the Korean peninsula.
Responding to these remarks, another commentator, U Bobo Kyaw Nyein, expressed nonchalance, stating, “I’m not worried about what he said. He’s just wasting his time.” He suggested that Timor-Leste, a small nation, uses its president’s advocacy for democracy and human rights to attract funds from Western countries. He asserted that such proclamations would not sway Tatmadaw.
Tin Swe, vice-chairman of the Democratic Party (Myanmar), added, “I think this is just a tactic to amplify his role. Even powerful nations are intervening in our country’s affairs. However, we’re working in line with the Constitution. No one has the right to intrude in our Mother Law.” — Htet Oo Maung/NT

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