Traditional Chinese food and goods sell well as Lunar New Year nears

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Photo: Xinhua

Traditional Chinese food and goods are selling well as the Lunar New Year draws near, say the vendors.

Thanks to the Chinese New Year, which falls in February, food like sticky rice cakes and colourful snack balls, as well asancestor money for rituals, are selling well.

“Some have bought these things since January in advance toworship the ancestors and some are buying them in this month. These goods are selling well. People from many places have come and bought them,” said a seller.

The price of goods for Chinese ancestor rituals went up a little this month, said a buyer.
“The price of gold and silver money used in ancestors’ rituals that I bough last month increased a little. I paid K 8000 for 10 packs of ancestor paper and now it is K 10,000. A piece of white and red sticky rice cake costs K 1200 and K 800 respectively. This could be due to commodity prices,” he said.

Chinese New Year is an important traditional event for the Chinese, during which the bad events and dirt throughout the oldyear are swept away before New Year‘s Day, and red sheets of paper are stuck on both sides of the door for good luck.

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