Traffic rule offenders to face legal action from 1 September

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Traffic police educate drivers to know new traffic rule in Mandalay in 2020.

Under the Quick Win plan for traffic safety, action will be taken against those who do not follow the traffic rules starting from 1 September, as announced by the National Road Safety Council.
National road safety and hazards are being addressed in accordance with Myanmar’s Road Safety Council’s National Road Safety Action Plan (2021-2030), which aims to reduce casualties and the traffic accidents. A set of five Quick Win measures has been established to raise drivers’ awareness and encourage them to comply with the traffic rules.
With regard to the five Quick Win measures, vehicle drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts while driving. Motorcycle riders, both drivers and passengers have to wear high-quality motorcycle helmets and secure them with a chin strap. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.
It is stated that using mobile phones while driving and exceeding the specified speed limit are prohibited. — TWA/KZW

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