Union Energy Minister visits coal-fired power plant in Kazakhstan

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Union Minister U Ko Ko Lwin meets Kazakhstan Energy Minister Mr Satkaliyev Almassadam yesterday.

Union Minister for Energy U Ko Ko Lwin, who arrived in Astana, Kazakhstan, to attend the First Energy Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, met the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Mr Satkaliyev Almassadam yesterday morning and discussed issues to enable the two countries to cooperate in the energy sector.
During the meeting, the Union minister emphasized that although coal is produced in Myanmar, it has not been able to be used effectively and, because of the need for electricity in the country, attempts are being made to generate electricity using coal as the fuel.
He discussed the fact that Kazakhstan is a coal-producing country, and 70 per cent of its electricity is generated from coal.
He talked about how to generate electricity from coal without harming the environment, technology and human resources, especially petroleum exploration, petroleum engineering, petrochemicals, and metallurgy to help with on-the-job training courses, not just academics.
The Kazakhstan’s energy minister discussed that they will cooperate to meet Myanmar’s energy needs and that there will be a bilateral meeting of energy ministers in the future.
In the afternoon, the Union minister and his team visited the coal and natural gas power plant in Astana City, Kazakhstan, and observed the process of power generation using clean coal that is environmentally friendly.
Officials said that the plant has been upgraded three times and has become a power plant that can use both coal and natural gas.
The plant requires 4,000 tonnes of coal or 84 million cubic feet of natural gas for a day’s operation and produces 510 megawatts of electricity per day.
Officials explained that burnt coal ash is purified step by step using technology, till it is 99 per cent pure and released into the air, and there is no harm to the natural environment.
The union minister and party raised questions, and the officials re-clarified the procedures. — MNA/KZL

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