Union Ministers inspect Taungtawkwin Solar Power Project, Yeywa Hydropower Plant in Mandalay

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Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn, Union Minister for Electric Power U Thaung Han and Mandalay Region Chief Minister U Maung Ko inspected the Taungtawkwin Solar Power Project and Yeywa Hydropower Plant in Myittha Township of Mandalay Region together with business persons of the Mandalay Industrial Zone yesterday.
First, Union ministers and party went to the Taungtawkwin Solar Power Plant. During the tour, the MoEP Union minister recalled the Prime Minister as encouraging the MSMEs and so the ministry is also making efforts to supply the power to industrial zones. Although there may be some limitations to meet the power needs of industrial zones, arrangements are being made with the regional chief minister regarding the power generation and solar power projects of private sectors. If solar power is systematically produced collectively or individually, it can meet the power needs and sell the surplus power by connecting to the national grid. In such doing, the ministry will provide the necessary things.
Then, the MoI Union minister stressed that the state-owned media is establishing various media platforms to release true information despite the misinformation and false news spreading on social media. The SAC Chairman also instructed to work together to emerge the manufacturing-based industrial zones. The ministry will support the efforts of the government and private business people in generating electric power using proper media methods.
The Mandalay Region chief minister also talked about the arrangements for solar power with the support of the government for businesses in the Mandalay Industrial Zone and sharing of knowledge.
Then, officials of Green Power Energy Co Ltd clarified the 30-megawatt Thabyaywa solar power project and the 20-megawatt Taungtawkwin solar power project.
Next, the MoI Union minister gave the MRTV DTH for the Taungtawkwin solar power plant.
The Union ministers and party also inspected the solar power project site by vehicles.
The Taungtawkwin solar power project was implemented on 80 acres of land out of 200 acres of Taungtawkwin in Thanya of Myittha Township in Mandalay Region with the investment of US$17.43 million in April 2022 and now completes 84 per cent.
At noon, Union ministers and party arrived at the Yeywa hydropower plant and met officials.
Then, the MoEP Union minister said the ministry monitors and carries out the maintenance works in producing hydropower continually and also makes efforts to generate electricity using solar power.
The 790 MW Yeywa hydropower plant was constructed on the Myitnge River in 2001 with a water storage capacity of 2.1 million acre-feet. It was operational in 2010. Currently, it generates electricity as it can save the dam water properly. —MNA

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