Unite strengths of all residents to defy natural disasters


Now is an important time for Myanmar people, especially for residents from the Ayeyawady and the Yangon regions and the Mon and the Rakhine states to encounter impacts of a deep depression that started over the Bay of Bengal.
The well-marked low pressure area has moved Magway Region near Mindon on the afternoon of 23 March. It was identified as the green colour because of no danger. It is continuous to move North-Northeastwards. Weather is partly cloudy to cloudy over the Andaman Sea and East-central Bay of Bengal and cloudy elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.
Rain or thundershowers affected by the low-pressure area might be widespread in Nay Pyi Taw and many regions and states. Bago, Yangon and Ayeyawady regions might face regionally heavy rainfalls, accounting for 80 per cent. The surface wind speed in squalls might reach 35-40 miles per hour. The wave height would be about 8-11 feet off and along Rakhine coasts and 7-9 feet in the Gulf of Mottama, off and along Mon-Taninthayi coasts. On recent days, the deep depression fairly was widespread to widespread rain or thundershowers in Nay Pyi Taw and many regions and states.
Hence, the people residing in the areas along the route of the cyclonic storm should collect drinking water, rice and dried meals to be consumed during the period of the storm. They have to gather information about the storm from firm sources.
Although Myanmar is not a disaster-prone area, all people should be alert to the possible dangers of the deep depression. The impact of the deep depression is classified as the red colour as it heads to Myanmar. That is why all residents in Myanmar should make necessary preparations for doing search and rescue, relief and rehabilitation before resettlement. They all need to try hard to mitigate the impact of the deep depressions as much as possible.
Foods, water and shelter are the most important for victims from the affected areas. Aid must be distributed to the victims in a short time. So, the country requires faithful and brave volunteers for giving a helping hand to the victims and minimizing loss and waste in the disasters. The united strength is of great importance for all. If the people have the united strength, they will have to defy the disasters at any time.

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