US$16,551.306 mln earned from foreign trade volume in more than six months period in 2023-24 FY

The trade volume reached US$16,551.306 million in the first six months of the 2023-2024 financial year. From 1 April to 6 October, Myanmar exported $8,712.336 million and imported $7,838.97 million. Imports exceeded exports by over $870 million, resulting in a trade deficit of $873.366 million.
Myanmar exports agricultural produce, livestock products, fishery products, minerals products, forest products, finished industrial products, and other items to foreign countries. Investment goods, commercial raw materials, consumer goods, CMP raw materials, etc. are primarily imported from foreign countries.
To boost Myanmar’s exports, the National Export Strategy (NES) 2020-2025 is currently in effect. The key priority sectors of the NES 2020-2025 include agriculture-based food production, textile and clothing, industrial and electrical, fisheries, forest products, digital products and services, logistics services, quality management, trade information services, innovation and entrepreneurship, among others. — TWA/CT

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