Value-added purple sweet potato powder to penetrate international market

Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization is making a concerted effort to ship the value-added purple sweet potato powder to the external market and seek a market share.
Two companies, in coordination with the growers, commenced growing Japanese sweet potato (Beni Imo) in Banyin and Hopong of southern Shan State in 2020 under the contract farming. They make value-added sweet potato powder to enhance the income of the growers and contribute to the socio-economic development of the hilly regions.
“We propagate and grow the sweet potato for better quality and taste. The purple sweet potato experimental plantation was successful and they can be seen in the Taunggyi market. A company is striving for that sweet potato variety to be patented through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. About 1,500-3,000 viss of sweet potato can be produced per acre. The value-added sweet potato powder can be defined as import substitution as well as export items. It can also generate revenue. This being so, we are fulfilling the need to introduce it at international trade fairs,” said Saw Win Kyaw, assistant director of Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization under the Ministry of Commerce.
Sweet potato flesh varies from white, yellow to light pink. At present, the experimental plantation of purple sweet potato reaped successful results. The purple sweet potato is much starchier than the traditional potato species. The sweet potato can be stored for up to six months and a year with cold storage facilities. The sweet potato powder is used for plating and flavour in making pasta, hot chocolate and ice cream. It is also locally demanded in the snack food production industry.
It is hard to make the quality sweet potato last long. Therefore, about 10 tonnes of value-added sweet potato powder is distributed in the market every month. Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization is trying to launch this value-added product at Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Expo which is scheduled to be held in March in Vientiane, Laos in order to create a strong market for sweet potato powder. — Nyein Thu(MNA)/GNLM

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