Visitors warmly welcomed to Ahmawday Valley in open season

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The Ahmawday Valley on Kengtung-Mongkhun and Mongkhok- Monghsat roads about 19 miles from Kengtung Township of eastern Shan State is packed with visitors in the early cold season yearly and still crowded with visitors in early this October. The locals expect larger numbers of visitors to the Ahmawday Summit with its natural picturesque scenes in this open season than the previous year.
Atop the Ahmawday Valley located on Kengtung-Mongkhun and Mongkhok- Monghsat road paved between the green mountains, is clouded by mist like the sea of clouds that go as far as the eye can see. In early October, the youths and families from Kengtung and tourists from Tachilek make day trips to enjoy the natural landscape.
The visitors usually go there from Kengtung and Kengtung-Mongphyat road and business is brisk for the Kengtung-based tour companies. It takes about one and a half hour from Kengtung to the summit by car. During one and a half hour drive from Kengtung to the summit, it will reach the 19-mile Thabawataya Yeiktha first, and after three miles trip, it will arrive at the 6,770 feet high Lwalpikawla Summit, Ahmawday Village where the Lahu people live in. The place is crowded with visitors the whole year round for its good transportation.
The mountain of the 19-mile Thabawataya Yeiktha is attractive with the natural beauty of monsoon season and the perfect landscape, sky structure and beauties in the winter season. People pay visits there by cars, bicycles and motorcycles. The 19-mile Thabawataya Yeiktha and Ahmawday Summit became popular for its natural beauties in 2021, and the visitors there can enjoy the traditional food of the Lahu people, local crops and good transactions of foodstuffs, and it supports the businesses of residents. The tour companies and locals warmly welcome the visitors in the early cold season of November. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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