Warning issued not to catch hilsa species for one month

It is known that a warning has been issued not to catch hilsa species that come from the sea to spawn for exactly one month.
Four riverine routes—Yway riverine route, Pyanmalot-Ayeyawady riverine route, Bogale-Yazutine-Ayeyawady riverine route, and Toe riverine route—which are prohibited by the Ayeyawady Region Government, have been designated as conservation areas for hilsa species. It is warned not to catch hilsas for exactly one month, from 15 September to 15 October 2023.
Hilsa is found in abundance only in the three countries in the Bay of Bengal (BOB)—Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar. Only a small number of hilsa can be caught in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
The Ayeyawady Region Government’s Notification No 6/2022, dated 22 March 2022, also designated 11 areas as safe zones for the growth of hilsas and prohibited the capture of any type of fish. The areas are Phaungsaik sandbank in Hinthada Township, Nantawkyun sandbank in Zalun Township, Zakagyi sandbank in Danubyu Township, Wegyi sandbank in Nyaungdon Township, Kazintaw sandbank in Pantanaw Township, Ngapheoh sandbank in Maubin Township, East Talokhla sandbank and the mouth of Panhlaing Creek.
Under Section 62 of the Fisheries Law, if the prohibition is not followed, they will be punished with both two years’ imprisonment or a fine or both. — TWA/CT

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