Weekly update of Bayintnaung commodity prices

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According to sources at the Bayintnaung Market, onion price is changing in the market. The chilli price rose to K 22,000 per viss. The price of black gram and chickpea is on the increase and palm oil and rice prices decreased between 12 to 18 October.
This week, the onion price reached a record high and the amount of onion that came into the market was four times higher than normal and so the price is down again. Seikphyu and Monywa onion prices are low because 180,000 visses entered the market on 18 October. On 15 October, the price of onion in Seikphyu was K3,100-3,400-3,600-3,700 per viss. Myingyan Kansint onion was K3,300-3,600-3,750-4,000 per viss. The prices continually fell on 17 and 18 October. Onion prices of Seikphyu, Myingyan and Monywa were between K2,900 and K3,800.
Chinese potato was K2,250 per viss and Shan Aungpan potato was between K1,600 and K2,150 per viss on 18 October.
On 18 October, the wholesale price of Moe Htaung chilli price was K14,000-15,000 per viss, cold storage chilli price was K18,000-19,000 per viss, Myitwa cold storage chilli price was K22,000 per viss, Sinphyukyun cold storage pepper is K21,500 per viss and new bell pepper was K20,000 per viss.
The price of new monsoon Low-grade rice was K40,000-41,000 per bag, export broken rice was priced at K39,000- 39,500 per bag, K44,000 per bag of double-cropping price, K46,000 per bag of 90-day rice, the Shwebo Pawsan was priced at K80,000- 90,000 per bag while K60,000-63,000 per bag of Pathein-Myaungmya rice, K58,000-60,000 per bag of Pyapon Pawsan, K47,000 per bag of Pawkywe. The old rice is priced cheaper at K2,000-3,000 per bag than the new one.
Cooking Oil
The Yangon-based palm oil reference prices rose K3,960 per viss from 17 to 23 October. The price of exchange wholesale is K6,100-6150 per viss in Bayintnaung and K6,300 in Nyaungpinlay market on 17 October. On 18 October, the price remained.
On 18 October, the black gram (FAQ/RC) was priced at K1,845,000 per tonne, SQ/RC was priced at K 2,165,000 per tonne, the pigeon pea (Red/RC) was priced at K1,975,000 and the half of Chickpea price was K 4000-4,250 per viss. The black gram (FAQ/RC) price falls under K1.8 million, the price rose again this week. — TWA/GNLM

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