Yangon market witnesses abundant bell pepper supply with elevated prices

Although the market of chilli pepper is slow-moving, the bell pepper entered the Yangon market at a higher price this month, a chilli pepper depot owner told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
The wholesale prices of bell pepper from China were K18,000-20,000 per viss depending on varieties in the last week of September.
The long chilli pepper fetched K8,500-11,000 per viss depending on producing areas (delta regions, Yamethin, Thaetaw, Moehtaung). Newly harvested Moehtaung chilli pepper is priced at K11,500-12,000 per viss. The price of Moehtaung chili pepper processed in cold storage was K14,000 per viss yet the demand for that is lower than the new ones. The wholesale price of the red long chilli pepper processed at cold storage was K13,000-14,500 per viss.
The prices of chilli pepper stood at K16,000-17,000 per viss for the Moehtaung variety, K19,000 for red chilli pepper, K18,000 for bell pepper and K19,000 for bell pepper processed at cold storage on 26 September 2022.
The Bayintnaung market witnessed sluggish trading of chilli peppers in September 2022, with chilli peppers piled up in the warehouse.
Although the chilli pepper hit a record high at the end of 2022, the prices in late 2023 are expected to stay lower than those recorded in the corresponding period last year. — TWA/KK

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