YCX maritime cargo transportation process connected with ports in four ASEAN countries on 3 January

The YCX marine product transportation process will be launched to connect with ports in four ASEAN countries, including Myanmar on 3 January.
The maritime cargo transportation business will be operated along the route of Singapore-Port Klang-Yangon-Yangon-Port Klang-Singapore- Sihanoukville-Singapore.
It is carried out by CMA CGM Group, the third largest container shipping company in the world. It is the Yangon Cambodia Express (YCX) sea route that will directly connect with Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.
CMA CGM Group said that it is planning to operate a ocean-liners to four countries in the Southeast Asian region with the aim of improving imports and exports with rapid delivery of goods due to the introduction of new sea transportation to transport goods. In addition, transport charges can also be reduced.
CMA CGM is a maritime shipping company that uses 257 shipping routes to connect between 420 ports in more than 160 countries. The company will mainly use container ships to transport cargo among ASEAN four countries.—TWA/KZW

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