Youths must be strengthened with physical and mental health for ensuring the beauty of the nation in the future, Senior General stresses

“Union Spirit” is a firm concept to recognize the whole Union as a family or a household, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with students who would graduate No 4 five-year BEd course of the University for Development of National Races under the Ministry of Border Affairs, at the office of the SAC Chairman in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
In his speech, the Senior General said the UDNR has turned out 13,786 students in the MA, M Phil, BEd, diploma in teacher training, junior, primary and special primary teacher courses. Today’s 272 students from the BEd course to be concluded come from 46 ethnic races.
Basic education schools in regions and states were reopened as of 1 November. Depending on the result of reopening these schools, universities will be reopened step by step. At present, those who did not understand these issues are committing sabotages to disturb the education system and functioning of schools.
Learning is a chance as well as an obligation for children and youths. Hindering the attending to the school breaks the rights of the children adopted by the United Nations. Hence, parents, teachers and officials need to encourage school-age children to have learning opportunities.
The school must be just a teaching centre as well as the venue where students must be trained to have the knowledge, critical thinking, citizen ethics and social ethics. If so, good and able citizens with physical and mental strength can be turned out to benefit themselves, their society and the State.
Teachers need to steer the youths not to derail from their goals, not to lose their future, not to suffer any discrimination for school-age children adopted by the Ministry of Education, not to leave anyone in learning and not to drop out from the school.
Youths must be strengthened with physical and mental health for ensuring the beauty of the nation in the future. Hence, the graduates of the UDNR need to nurture the students to be healthy and fit.
With regard to the national political leadership role of the Tatmadaw, the Senior General said everybody knows the Tatmadaw which emerged in the independence struggle has been unavoidably participating in the role of national politics due to historical demand and national favour after the independence was regained.
The Senior General said the Tatmadaw has deeply decided to ensure the emergence of genuine democracy in the country. Only when all public service personnel, civil society organizations and the entire people cooperate with the Tatmadaw in building the Union based on democracy and federalism, will they successfully meet the goal in a short time.
At present, the people in some areas have the wrong outlooks and face disunity in the unpeaceful situation due to incitement of foreign countries, instigation of some organizations, persuasion and terror acts of CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorist groups. The Senior General urged those from the UDNR to culture the spirit of good citizens as they are teachers-to-be for serving as the education staff and nurturing the students to become good citizens. Good citizens mean the citizens who strive to dutifully serve their duties for the interests of society as much as they can.
The Senior General stressed the need to nurture the national race youths to be reliable human resources of the State. Myanmar is rich in human resources. More than 18 million of the population is the people between aged 15 and 35 in the nation, according to the 2021 estimated population. Nurturing human resources is the primary duty of education staff.
Concerning the peace process, the Senior General pointed out that all citizens need to forge the Union spirit for restoring peace in the entire nation. “Union Spirit” is a firm concept to recognize the whole Union as a family or a household. As wish to help each other, help solve the problems, mutually cooperate with one another, sympathy and tolerance are nobly basic needs of the Union Spirit, those from the university need to participate in forging the Union Spirit as much as they can.
The Senior General stressed the need for those youths to abide by the rules and regulations of the service personnel with staying away from the party politics by upholding the Our Three Main National Causes. Only then will the good service personnel perform the development of the nation.
The Senior General urged them to organize the ethnic national people for realizing the national unity and Union spirit based on Our Three Main National Causes for ensuring perpetual existence of the Union, strive for peace and stability, development, socio-economic enhancement of the local people and development of human resources of the relevant regions they would be assigned, join hands with the government in the measure of the peace and stability of the State and the rule of law, dutifully serve the assignments for enhancement of the education sector with conscience, responsibility and accountability with being free from party politics and improve themselves to become good and able persons of the country.
On behalf of the students, Kayah ethnic Ma Hsu Myat Noe spoke words of thanks.
A female student and a male student, on behalf of all students, presented a gift to the Senior General.
After the ceremony, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, members of the State Administration Council, Union ministers and officials posed for documentary photos together with the students.
The ceremony was attended by 72 female and male students from UDNR together with 200 more students from the convocation hall and Panglong hall of the UDNR (Sagaing) through videoconferencing. — MNA

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