271 fuel tankers dock for unloading over 4,200 tonnes of imported fuel

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A jetty at Thilawa terminal admits docking of oil tankers.

According to the Myanma Port Authority (MPA) statistics, 271 fuel tankers docked for unloading of more than 4,200 tonnes of fuel within 11 months of 2022.
In the 11 months from January to the end of November 2022, 271 fuel tankers entered the fuel and gas ports in Thilawa (Yangon) and were able to unload 4,270.254 tonnes of fuel ordered from fuel importer countries.
Amounts included by oil tankers arriving in 2022, according to the Myanma Ports Authority records are 461.969 tonnes in January, 562.816 tonnes in February, 462.213 tonnes in March, 168.377 tonnes in April, 318.716 tonnes in May, 352.061 tonnes in June, 304.124 tonnes in July, 411,545 tonnes in August, 451.363 tonnes in September, 402.496 tonnes in October and 374.274 tonnes in November.
More than 560 tonnes of fuel oil were imported as the largest volume in February, and more than 160 tonnes were bought in April as the lowest import, and the monthly average is about 400 tonnes.
In Thilawa port area, there are up to eight international wharves to accommodate large oil tankers and can store up to 76 million gallons of diesel and 95 million gallons of gasoline. —TWA/KZL

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