Announcement of Union Election Commission 9 March 2021

1. Regarding the Multiparty General Election held on 8 November 2020, the Union Election Commission has inspected the voters lists and the casting of votes of Amarapura Township in Mandalay Region.

2. According to the inspection findings, the previous election commission released 181,664 eligible voters in Amarapura Township of Mandalay Region. The list of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in November 2020 showed 163,517 eligible voters who had turned 18. The voter lists mentioned that there were 163,517 citizens, associate citizens, nationalized citizens, and non-identity voters, 904 persons repeated on the voter lists more than three times and 16,196 persons repeated on the voter lists two times.

3. Findings in the inspection were as follows:-

Findings on scrutinized voting list of Amarapura Township

Untitled 1 10 3 2021

4. The Union Election Commission has inspected the withdrawal/receipt/use/remaining of ballot papers used for Pyithu Hluttaw Election of Amarapura Township in Mandalay Region, together with the respective township election sub-commission, head of police force, Immigration and Population and administrator according to the Hluttaw Election Law section 53.

5. According to inspection on the ground, a total of 137 poll stations in Amarapura Township in Mandalay Region took out 194,308 ballot papers. It used 150,744 ballot receipts. Although the remaining ballots must be 43,564, there were only 39,333 ballots and 4,231were missing as the ballots of Kyan Tan Ward No (1) poll station were not found.

On the ground inspections on ballot papers for Pyithu Hluttaw Election of Amarapura Township

Untitled 2 10 3 2021

6. When the ballots for Amyotha Hluttaw election were inspected instead of the missing ballots for Pyithu Hluttaw election of Kyan Tan Ward No(1) poll station, they took out 194,308 ballots and used 152,474. The remaining ballots must be 41,834 but it found only 39,753 and 2,081were missing.

Inspection on ballot paper in Amarapura Township

Untitled 3 10 3 2021

7. According to the respective Hluttaw Election Rules and Rule 66(h), “The poll heads must pack the under-mentioned and must print his seal on the packs. The poll heads must express the pack’s content, names of wards or village-tracts and poll station number. He can also allow the poll station representative for Hluttaw MPs or other election agents to print their seals and make a large bundle. –

1. Unused ballot papers, receipts and Form (16-1)
2. Voting lists of the polling station
3. Receipts for advance ballot papers
4. Invalid votes Form (17).

8. The Rules also instructed the poll head, deputy poll head, and members to carry out according to the stipulations mentioned above.

9. However, it found the weaknesses in taking out and keeping the ballot papers, and the officials did not perform as per the instructions of respective Hluttaw Election Rules.

Union Election Commission

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