BPI (Insein) to purchase 1,200 vipers, 400 cobras for anti-snake venoms

to produce the anti-snake venoms, the pharmaceutical factory (Insein) will purchase 1,200 vipers and 400 cobras at a good price through the instant cash system.
The specified weight for snakes should be 50 ticals and above, and the price is set at K10,000 for a viper and K15,000 for a cobra. Moreover, sellers must deliver to the factory.
Machines for producing antidotes are being installed in the pharmaceutical factory (Insein). Anti-snake venoms that can treat both types of venom from vipers and cobras are being produced and will be sold locally as well as abroad.
Five hundred snake antidote tablets were sold as a trial to Cambodia and Laos in the 2017–2018 financial year. In the 2018–2019 financial year, about 5,000 snake antidote tablets were exported.
To make anti-snake venoms last longer and have higher quality, they are manufactured using a freeze-drying system, which is an Australian technology. Those who want to sell vipers and cobras can contact the pharmaceutical factory (Insein) at phone numbers 01-646273 and 01-646283. — TWA/CT

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