Choose the best option for shaping the peaceful society

Noble persons always prioritize serving the interests of others but never take any interest in them. Generally, trees and animals serve society but do not have to take or never take advantage of their services. Humans with physical and mental capacities should have to know, respond to and serve the interests of society.
Trees give fruits, buds, leaves, bark, wood and tuber as well as shade and greening activities to humans but never consume their products. Trees do not have conscience and knowledge as souls. But they never leave anything for them automatically. It is a universal truth.
Livestock animals give meat and meals from the whole body and labour for working to serve the interests of humans. But they never taste their products and benefit from their labour. These animals have a conscience of seeing, hearing and flavouring everything. Especially, cows give milk, beef and animal products to humans but they do not have to use or never use them. Although they are animals, they serve humans as well as a human society without focusing on any benefit for them.
Even if trees and animals can serve society without focusing on their interests, humans from the human society need to serve society’s interests more. Actually, humans must serve the interests of others regardless of religion, racism, skin colour, regionalism, personal cult and attachment. Only when the persons serve society without attachment to having any advantages can they be identified as noble persons.
Noble persons never focus on their interests while serving others. They are ready to sacrifice their interests so as to serve the interests of society and society participants. They never separate any categories for their services based on their white souls. They never discriminate against the persons accepting their services such as female or male, the rich or the poor, the ability or the disabilities, the clever or the naughty and so on. Their mindsets are always clear without any devilish acts such as grudges, hate, envy, jealousy and others.
Everybody should take exercises of those noble persons in mindsets. They should do acts similar to the moves of noble persons. If so, society as well as the world combined with various sorts of societies would enjoy the fruits of peace. Even if the society is not full of noble persons, if the majority of persons from the society are noble, it is sure that the society as well as the world will be peaceful and tranquil.

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