Combat cyberbullying to save victims in society

As an internet communication system which can share information among the global people flourishes throughout the world, it brings advantages to society. Globalization shrinks all processes such as relations, communications, transportation, etc., to cut time and expense for all. Currently, internet communication cuts time and expense more.
On the other hand, internet abusers bring disadvantages to societies. It is because most internet abusers commit mental disturbances to others, discrediting, extorting information and making fake news, and spreading hate speech in society with attempts to destabilize the daily life of innocent people.
Some internet abusers intend to cause discrimination in society based on race, skin colour, gender, language, politics or diverse opinion and cyberbullying for various reasons. Such acts never help society be peaceful and stable. As such, these acts push the world into the black days.
Currently, most of the social media are teenage girls and boys. Hence, cyberbullying cases of teenagers and children and bullying cases at schools occur at any place. Cases of cyberbullying comprise spreading negative, dangerous and wrong information to the target persons, posting or sharing statuses and distributing shameful profiles or data through various sorts of social media. Such inappropriate things intend that the victims of cyberbullying would suffer from depression, personal shamefulness, ruining of dignity, fright, mental suffering and so on.
Nowadays, as cyberbullying becomes a terrible problem in various societies of the world, leaders of the world are urgently tackling it to be solved in various ways and means. Even though the problems of cyberbullying are being tackled, such kinds of problems are worse on a daily basis. It is because the problem of cyberbullying becomes the case not only for teenagers but also for the global people of any age who use the internet for their daily work processes.
Some surveys stated that 95 per cent of teenagers apply the internet, and 85 per cent of them use social media. As such, a large number of student youths face cyberbullying in various means at a time. In this regard, girls become victims of cyberbullying, rather than boys.
To be able to solve the problems, global countries enact relevant laws to combat cyberbullying acts in cooperation with internal and international cyber technicians and law enforcement bodies. As such, parents and teachers are to pave the correct ways for the student youths not to be victims of cyberbullying in cooperation with the local authorities.

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14 July 2024