Conciliation of differences


[dropcap font=”0″]U[/dropcap]nity does not always represent for peace. As we are now living in a global village, the borders or the boundaries between the countries or communities have been just a line of sovereignty.  There might be culturally or traditionally differences, however, we must all hang together for a united force.
Strength can come out of the unity, while weakness is the consequence of divides. Sometimes different views and opinions are very fundamental for reaching a certain goal. When differences can be regarded as diversity, we can all work together for a single destination which is one for all through all for one.
Our country is on the path of democratization process. Individual group have different ideologies which have come out from different experiences. We should keep in mind that we are in different boats, but on the same river of transition waves.
When certain unexpected causes appeared to distort our expectation or goal, diversity and differences should merge into a united force. We should not walk straight into the trap set up by the groups which are pushing towards disunity.
In a rough sea, travelling in a large boat is safer than that of small boats. In many dangerous places, a combination of different units is a major defence mechanism to counter opposite force. When unity is dispersed by some tricks, it is going to the trap of others.
Therefore, unity must be sustained with farsighted and visionaries to reach the goal and to avoid traps, with cautious ignorance, tolerance and concentration.

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