Development and upgrade of transport infrastructures stepped up in Chin State

Transport always plays an important role in the regional development sector of a country. The Department of Highways and, Department of Rural Road Development under the Ministry of Construction and Department of Progress of Border Areas and National Races are working together in respective regions and states including Chin State to promote the transport sector.
The Chin State is a mountainous region and the Chin people are scattered throughout the mountains according to their tradition and culture. There are about 30 per cent of the population living in the urban area and about 70 per cent living in rural areas. The Chin State Rural Road Development Department was organized on 1 July 2017 to implement proper transport in the state. Before that formation, the Department of Rural Development and Department of Progress of Border Areas and National Races jointly worked to develop the rural roads in the state previously. Therefore, the Rural Development Department transferred the roads that they paved to the Rural Road Development Department.
Currently, there are 3 districts – Haka, Falam and Mindat districts and nine townships and the Chin State Rural Road Development makes a plan to establish Matupi District.
The department also makes efforts in upgrading roads for more than 70 per cent of Chin population like upgrading the road for motorcycles to roads for vehicles, from soil road to tar road, concrete road, macadam road and gravel road, from the bamboo bridge, wooden bridge and suspension bridge into truss bridge and so on.

Upgrade of roads
The Chin State DRRD also keeps upgrading the roads to reduce the gap between rural and urban living standard and gain proportionate growths – (50/6) miles of tar road, (1/0) miles of concrete road, (168/4) miles of gravel road, (1573/3) miles of road for motorcycles and(2,947/3) miles of earth road with above 8 feet in the 2020-2021 FY.
Moreover, between the 2017-2018FY and 2019-2020FY, the department implemented (0.1.288) mile of concrete road, (29/0) miles of tar road, (112/3) miles of gravel road, (414/4) miles of dirt road and (621/3) miles of road expansion for rural residents.
Similarly, they also completed 585 bridges including 33 concrete bridges, 10 wooden/suspension bridges, 1 bailey bridge and 541 Box Culverts.

Important roads in southern Chin State
The officials constructed Kyin Dway-Phone Twi Kyin-Shin Taung-Myaung-Yan Se- Ma Gwe Ing Nuu (44/0) miles in Kanpetlet Township and completed Ma Kwi Ing Nuu (9/0) miles linking from Ma Gwe Ing Nuu to Mindat township. Therefore, the residents can use that inter-district road while going from Kanpetlet to Mindat easily. Moreover, the DRRD paved Mindat-Matupi (16) miles road, Pan Sakan-Kin Hli- Ma Htar Ing Nuu- Ma Kwi Ing Nuu (57/0) miles in Mindat township and Matupi-Paletwa (9) miles road, An Sway-Mardu-Wai Luu road (26/3) miles in Matupi Township. They are linked with Htein Khaung-Lone Duu of Paletwa Township and Ma Gwe Ing Nuu of Kanpetlet Township and can be used as a road network for four townships.
The Samee-Barwa-War Tain- Dayal Chuang- Saung Wa- Wah Te- Har Htone Kone Lan (30/2 miles) in Paletwa Township is a major road linking to the villages in the northern part of Samee Township and benefits to a total of 17,120 people of 3,343 houses in 81 villages.

Important roads in northern Chin State
The Haka- Aing Ve- Van Har-Yun – Taung Khayan road in Haka is (53/0) miles long and it connects with Haka and Taung Khayan of Gangaw Township. It is useful for 2,125 people of 471 households in 10 villages.
The 33/0-mile-long Ha Yein Khan –Thi Ki- Mon Har- Bontlang road in Thantlang Township links with Sarsi Chauk where India border camp to be established. It is also an essential one for 4,204 people of 926 households in 10 villages.
The Saat- Thee Kyi- Mon Hlwa- Kyawt The- Hlan Hnar- Reed road (21/6 miles) in Falam Township is the place where Lennupa (or) Buannel (or) Shu Khin Thar Taung is located. It is about 5/0 miles from Mon Hlwa village. The officials paved 18 feet wide to 4/0 miles from Mon Hlwa Village and the remaining 1/0 mile was left as the natural road for the travellers to trek enjoying the natural beauty.
The agriculture products of these villages are transported to Champhai of India via Rih and the visitors from Champhai and Aizawl of India are also interesting to pay a visit to Lennupa (or) Buannel (or) Shu Khin Thar Taung. There are many hills, creeks and various flora at Lennupa (or) Buannel (or) Shu Khin Thar Taung. The place is such a pleasant site full of trees, Taung Zalat, Cherry and Orchid. Moreover, wild animals like deer, Sus scrofa, Barking Deer and Jungle Fowl can be seen there. The place is crowded with visitors between November and June yearly. It benefits a total of 1,554 people of 327 houses in 8 villages.
The Zaung Kaung- Lay Dot- Mwar Ben road (26/0 miles) in Tiddim Township is the place where the Sial Lum Fort is located. It benefits 7,127 people of 982 houses in 9 villages.
The Zam Pee-Hlaung Al-Twee Man-Vine Vet- Lain Htoke- Haing Kyin (36/4 miles) road paved from Tonzang-Cikha road section in Tonzang Township benefits 10,001 people of 1,573 houses in 25 villages.

Important bridges in southern Chin State
The Mone Creek and Myittha River are flowing in the southern part of Chin State while Manipur River, Bway Nuu River, Tio Creek, Palatar Creek and Hman Lone Creek are in the northern part. Therefore, the government has built river-crossing bridges and creek crossing bridges for the residents.
The officials launched 260 feet long Mone Creek concrete bridge project between Ohn and Kin Hli in the 2019-2020 FY and it will complete in the 2020-2021FY.
The 350ft long Mone Creek concrete bridge between Kyin Dway- Phone Twi Kyin was constructed in 2019-2020FY and slated for completion in the 2021-2022FY.
Another 390 feet long Mone Creek concrete bridge between MaYi- Chaung Yine was built in the 2019-2020FY and will be completed in the 2021-2022FY. It is located on Kanpetlet –Samee-Paletwa road section.
The Myittha Bridge, which is 240 feet long and located on Taddim-Yay Saw- Htalsi- San Set- Khwar Bway-Dakyone- Ramsi route (between Dakyone and Ramsi), was constructed in the 2020-2021FY, and will complete in the 2021-2022FY. The bridge will link Matupi Township to Gangaw Township.
If the bridges are completed, the socio-economic status of the residents of Kanpetlet, Mindat, Matupi and Paletwa townships can be improved.

Important bridges in northern Chin State
The 170 feet Bway Nuu river crossing bridge between Lout Lone-Li Char of Haka Township was completed in the 2019-2020FY.
The project of 360 feet Palatar river crossing bridge in Tiddim township from Tiddim –Thine Ngin road (25 kilometres-26 kilometres) to Twee Sout-Twee Bywal- Syaung Dot- Daw Lwin- Mwar Zan- Htan San- Mwar Nwan road section was launched in the 2020-2021FY and slated to complete in the 2022-2023FY. The bridge will connect Tiddim Township to Kalay Township.
The 420 feet Mhan Lone concrete bridge on Tonzang-Finetu-Lone Tat-Twee Khein Zan- Yazagyo road in Tonzang Township was started in the 2020-2021FY and to be completed in the 2022-2023FY. It will connect Tonzang to Kalay Township.
There are 784 villages in the areas of Chin State DRRD. Of them, 65 villages can be reached at any season and 719 villages can be reached only in the dry season.
The Chin DRRD is implementing the department’s strategic goal by 2030 to provide 80 per cent of all villages in Myanmar and 90 per cent of the country’s rural population with all-season roads. – Chin State DRRD/GNLM

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