People over 65 vaccinated in Amarapura Township

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The inoculation programme for the above 65-year-old elders is underway in Amarapura Township yesterday.

Elders above the age of 65 were vaccinated against COVID-19 at Amarapura Public Hospital in Amarapura Township of the Mandalay Region yesterday.
Officials injected vaccines to a total of 357 people over the age of 65 in that township on 25, 26 and 27 July. Health workers vaccinated people starting yesterday morning in four groups following the COVID-19 health rules.
“We granted tokens to the 65-year-old people for vaccination one day in advance via the ward/village administrators. Next, they received the vaccines. We issued tokens to 155 people today. We haven’t seen any allergic reactions to the vaccine so far. We have to divide the people into groups. We will give vaccines to Parahita organizations and social welfare teams, government employees, hotel, motel and guest house staff, Sayadaws, nuns and the workers of hospitals and factories. We will conduct such vaccination plans soon. Therefore, the people should contact the township hospitals for the vaccine. Public participation plays a key role to control the infection rate. The people should follow the COVID-19 health rules,” said Amarapura Township administrator U Thi Han Soe.
U Maung Kyaing, who received the vaccine also said,” I would like to say thank you to the officials for vaccines. I am glad that I receive the vaccine amid the high infection rate. I also want to urge those who do not receive the vaccine so far to get vaccinated without fail. I pray for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Another person said,” I am 66 years old. I have been waiting for the day to get vaccinated. I felt so happy when the authority informed me that I would get the vaccine. I feel safe after I get the vaccine. I heard that the officials ordered the vaccines from other countries. Therefore, the people who do not receive the vaccine should get it as quickly as possible. I urge the people to get vaccinated.”
Before the Sinopharm vaccination, the health workers check the body temperature, blood pressure and oximeter and give vaccines to the people with normal conditions.
The COVID-19 vaccination plan for people over the age of 65 was conducted in seven townships of Mandalay district starting 25 July. The health workers give vaccines to 50 people at one forum of each township per day. – Maung Aye Chan/GNLM

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