Families of Commander-in-Chief (Army, Navy and Air) hold 12th Maha communal Kathina robe offering ceremony

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla offered Kathina robes and alms at the 12th Maha communal Kathina robe offering ceremony of families of Commander-in-Chief (Army, Navy and Air) at Anawrahta Hall of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) yesterday morning.
First, the Senior General and wife together with congregation viewed round the Kathina robes, offertories and Padethabin structures to be donated to monasteries. The Senior General and wife paid homage and offered alms in the emerald alms bowl, flowers, water, oil lights and fruits to the Buddha image in the Anawrahta Hall.
Ovadacariya Sayadaw of Uppatasanti Pagoda Board of Trustees Presiding Nayaka of Paukmyaing Monastery from Lewe Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru Bhaddanta Janinda administered the Nine Precepts.
The congregation listened to the Paritta recited by members of the Sangha. The Senior General and wife offered Kathina robes to Presiding Nayaka of Yezin KanU Monastery from Zeyathiri Township Agga Maha Ganhtavacaka Pandita Bhaddanta Vilasa and Kathina robes and alms to Paukmyaing Sayadaw.
SAC Vice-Chairman Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win and wife Daw Than Than Nwe donated Kathina robes and offertories to Presiding Nayaka of Pali Tekkatho Mingala Zeyon Monastery of Pyinmana Agga Maha Pandita Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja Bhaddanta Vimalabuddhi whereas senior military officers and their wives presented Kathina robes and offerings to members of the Sangha.
Ashin Wayama and Ashin Javana, lecturer Sayadaws from Yezin KanU monastery joined the question-and-answer session.
The Pali Tekkatho Mingala Zeyon Sayadaw delivered a sermon, followed by sharing of merits gained.
After the ceremony, the Senior General, wife and guests offered day meals to members of the Sangha led by Pali Tekkatho Mingala Zeyon Sayadaw.
Todays’ donation ceremony totalled 84 Padethabin structures worth K171.3 million from families of offices and departments of the Commander-in-Chief (Army, Navy and Air). These donations were sent to relevant monasteries by car. —MNA

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