Fresh pigeon pea flowing into Monywa Commodity Centre

in Mandalay EDMH
Merchants are checking quality of pulses and beans at Commodity Centre in Monywa.

Newly harvested pigeon pea is supplied to Monywa Commodity Centre at K35,000 per basket, said U Tin Ko Ko, Monywa Commodity Centre’s Information and Public Relations officer.
“The fresh beans and pulses will enter the market in January,” he said.
“Monywa Commodity Centre is conducting trade online amidst the instability. The goods are instantly flowing into the Centre. Large supply, however, brings down the price slightly by K5,000-K7,000 per basket these days,” U Tin Ko Ko stated.
Myanmar exported more than 214,000 tonnes of pigeon pea to the foreign trade partners between 1 October and 30 September in the previous financial year 2020-2021, generating an income of US$144 million, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s trade data.
Myanmar’s pigeon pea is primarily shipped to India, and also exported to Singapore, the US, Canada, Pakistan, the UK, and Malaysia. But, the export volume to other countries rather than to India is extremely small.
The G to G pact between Myanmar and India will ensure strong market next five years, along with other relaxations on import quota, Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization under the Ministry of Commerce stated.—Lu Lay, KK/GNLM

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