Govt fully operates import processes of medical supplies

The Ministry of Commerce currently imposes temporary import licence exemptions for medical supplies to control the COVID-19 and offers services to import the materials via the border trade camps daily.
Moreover, the ministry is working with the relevant departmental officials to facilitate the importation processes during public holidays as per the notifications and SOP.
A total of 3,357 oxygen concentrators arrived at Yangon International Airport while 211 oxygen concentrators at International Jetty yesterday. The three bowsers carrying 58 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 8 tonnes of liquid oxygen (cylinders), 9 tonnes of liquid oxygen (cylinders), 4,751 empty cylinders, 4,326 home oxygen concentrators, 35,168 PPEs and 55 tonnes of masks were also imported via Muse, Myawady, Chinshwehaw, Kengtung and Kawthoung trade camps on the same day. These materials were imported by 55 vehicles of 32 companies.
In August, 191 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 39 tonnes of the liquid oxygen tank, 47 tonnes of liquid oxygen (cylinders),24,349 empty cylinders, five generators, 27,139 home oxygen concentrators, 135,942 test kits, 143,622 PPEs, 8 tonnes of gloves and 238 tonnes of masks were allowed to be imported by 201 vehicles.
In July, 717 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 567 tonnes of the liquid oxygen tank, 114 tonnes of liquid oxygen (cylinders), 69,146 home oxygen concentrators, 8 oxygen plants, 11 oxygen generators, 4 oxygen concentrators, 322,878 test kits, 1,104 tonnes of masks and 182,975 PPEs were allowed to be imported by 749 vehicles.
The Ministry of Commerce is also cooperating with the ministries concerned to import the medical supplies. It releases contact persons of the relevant departments and website address — for people to know updated news.—MNA

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