Healthcare services provided in Cyclone-affected townships

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Healthcare services are rendered to the disaster victims in Rakhine State yesterday.

Healthcare services for diarrhoea and other diseases are given to Cyclone victims in Rakhine State at temporary clinics of rapid response teams at the relevant public hospitals and health departments.
A total of 42,807 patients — 37,792 people suffering from common illnesses, 4,224 pregnant women and 791 people suffering from common diarrhoea — received treatment at public hospitals and clinics from 16 to 31 May.
A total of 2,946 wells in the townships are purified and 236,975 water purification tablets are distributed in townships. Health awareness activities are undertaken for the public to be able to prevent the occurrence of other infectious diseases including diarrhoea in the aftermath of Mocha.
Some media reports are not true and there is no epidemic of diarrhoea disease. A total of 44 people with the symptoms of diarrhoea came to the hospital and only ten people out of them are receiving treatment as in-patients and they are not in critical condition. — MNA/MKKS

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