Illegal timbers, car accessories and vehicles confiscated

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Supervised by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, effective action is being taken to prevent illicit trade under the law.
A combined inspection team of Ayeyawady Region made inspections in Pyapon township on 20 July. They seized a Toyota Succeed vehicle worth K2 million and the action was taken under the Export and Import Law.
Similarly, a combined team of the Anti-Illegal Trade Special Task Force at the Mayanchaung checkpoint in Mon State on 21 July found car accessories estimated at K4,798,900, which were more carried than the Import Declaration and a Nissan Diesel car, including a trailer, worth K60 millions.
The total value of seizures amounted to K64,798,900 and the action was taken under the Customs Law.
Furthermore, under the supervision of the Bago Region Anti-Illegal Trade Special Task Force, a combined team led by the regional Forest Department made inspections in the forest reserve in Minhla and Lepadan townships on 22 July and 19.7654 tonnes of teak and timbers (estimated value of K7,787,388) were seized. The action was taken under the Forest Law.
Therefore, eight cases (estimated value of K74,586,288) were arrested from 20 to 22 July, according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee. —MNA

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