Pigeon pea price still less volatile

Among Myanmar’s main pea products, pigeon pea, black gram, and mung bean, only the price of black gram is volatile in the Yangon commodity market, while the price of pigeon pea is less fluctuating and less volatile, according to a bean trader.
From the last post-Thingyan period until today, within three months, the difference between the highest and lowest price of one tonne of pigeon pea RC is half of the difference between the prices of black gram.
During the three months, 4,800 tonnes of black gram were traded while 600 tonnes of pigeon pea were traded in the Yangon bean market.
According to a recent notification of India, 250,000 tonnes of green gram and 100,000 tonnes of pigeon pea will be allowed to be imported annually into the country for five years. In the post-Thingyan period, people were getting ready to grow pigeon pea. Since the price of the pea is high than in previous years, the growers are encouraged to plant it. From mid-August 2017 to the end of March 2018, when the import of foreign peas was suspended, the prices of black gram and pigeon pea significantly fell. A tonne of black gram was around K400,000, and the price of pigeon pea fell to K306,000 per tonne.
From April until today, the highest price of a tonne of pigeon pea was K1,492,500 and the lowest price was K1,342,500, while the highest price of a tonne of black gram was K1,707,500 and the lowest price was K1,410,000.
The price of pigeon pea is less than that of black gram. Pigeon pea is mainly grown in the upper Myanmar regions, which are resistant to climate. It is learned that those in possession of pigeon peas are expecting the price to rise above the current price of K1,500,000. — TWA/GNLM

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