Korean agribusinesses neglect industrial accident insurance for Myanmar migrant workers

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The 2023 EPS Conference held in Busan of Korea in progress.

Myanmar ambassador to Korea U Thant Sin called for strict supervision of some Korean agricultural businessmen as the Myanmar migrant workers under the EPS system are affected by their failure in making industrial accident insurance.
The ambassador said so in his remark at the 2023 EPS Conference held in Busan of Korea on 9 August, the conference was also attended by ambassadors and relevant officials from 16 countries that send of labourers to Korea under the EPS system.
“We will fundamentally reform the system following many economic and social changes compared to 20 years ago,” said Mr Lee Jung-Sik, Korean minister for the Ministry of Employment and Labour.
The Myanmar ambassador also said it should emphasize awareness campaigns and strict supervision for employers and employees to reduce occupational accidents. The Myanmar embassy also meets the employers and employees via digital platforms regarding their worksite safety and health issues. It should supervise the businessmen in agricultural sector as their failure in making industrial accident insurance affects the Myanmar migrant workers. Moreover, there is a slow work process of HRDK in searching for new employment for those who returned from Korea before two years of service. It should employ Myanmar staff at the Support Centres for Foreign Workers while the number of Myanmar migrant workers to Korea is increasing. The conference also discussed the plans to update EPS into EPS 2.0, achievements and challenges of EPS, enhancement of cooperation between HRDK and 16 countries and holding of the 2030 Busan World Expo. — TWA/KTZH

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