Kyaiktiyo Pagoda attracts over 25,000 visitors in December

The eminent Kyaiktiyo Pagoda located in Kyaikto of Mon State attracted over 25,000 pilgrims in the December holidays, said U Soe Hla, chairman of the board of trustees. Similarly, about 850 tourists visited the pagoda from January to October 2023, and most of them were from Thailand and Viet Nam.
Currently, about 250 times of truck service run up and down to the pagoda daily, and the hotels, guesthouses, free dormitories, and restaurants are open to visitors.
“The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda festival is on the full moon day of Thadingyut. The number of visitors to the pagoda is increasing daily during the festival period. There are over 2,000 visitors daily, and over 4,000 visitors during the holidays. The pagoda hosts over 8,000 visitors daily in the December holidays,” said U Soe Hla. The Buddha Pujaniya Festival of the Kyaiktiyo pagoda is held from the full moon day of Thadingyut to the Kason full moon day, and the pagoda is open to the public daily. — ASH/KTZH

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