Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy convicted of leading terrorist activities in Yangon Region

1. Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy, the former 88 generation’s Public Relations Officer for Peace and Open Society, the current political and security adviser of the terrorist CRPH/NUG, who assassinated innocent people, security forces and government employees, and perpetrated bombings in order to disturb the peace and stability of the country, was arrested on the morning of 24 October 2021 at No 109/B in Panglong Housing Estate, No-27 ward, in Dagon Myothit (North) Township.
2. Together with him, six AK-47 rifles, eight M-16 rifles, two 12-bolt guns, one local-made gun, and 18 magazines, were confiscated from the house.
3. Defendant Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy campaigned propaganda for the participation of government employees in the CDM movement and riots in February and March 2021. In addition, he formed the Moon Light Operation team with Saw Thet Tun (a) Nay Chuu (Sky Age Education), Ko Ko Gyi (Sangyoung), Thura Kyaw (a) Nikolas, Than Aung, Ye Zarni (a) Uno (Nway Oo Gantgaw group), Kyaw Kyaw Moe (a) Zaw Win Maung (arrested) in order to commit terrorist activities in Yangon Region.
4. The Moon Light Operation Team managed by defendant Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy’s targeted attacks on basic education students, teachers, and schools in Yangon Region. They also carried out the killing of administrators to intimidate innocent civilians, killed other party members, accused the people who do not support their party as informants/Dalans and killed them, and attacked power plants, government buildings, and private banks. To do the perpetration of these terrorist activities, fugitive Lwin Ko Latt handed over 30 AK-47 and M-16 rifles, 600 rounds of ammunition, 90 magazines, and 500 detonators for bombings to defendant Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy.
5. In addition, the Moon Light Operation team carried out terrorist attacks in Yangon in collaboration with the Yangon Urban Guerrilla-YUG led by Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw. Eight large-scale terrorist missions were planned to be carried out in Yangon Region, and defendant Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy ordered these eight terrorist activities. As the Mission-1, the Basic Education Primary School (Shwesandaw) in Twantay Township was exploded with a hand grenade on 21 May 2021. In addition, Bo Bo and Yan Paing Hein, two terrorists from the Moon Light Operation, were arrested with explosives by security forces on their way to bomb the Phayangoteto checkpoint, the No.70th Infantry Battalion, and the Twantay Police Station, on 7 October 2021. As the Mission-2, the Phawtkan ward administrator’s office was bombed in Insein on 7 October 2021, injuring two security guards.
6. It is learned that he was arrested while planning to carry out bombings and shootings in Hlegu and Mingaladon townships as Mission-3, Mission-4, Mission-5, Mission-6, Mission-7 and Mission-8 in Yankin Township, Mingaladon Township, Dala Township, Thakayta Township, Dagon Myothit (South) Township and Hlinethaya Township.
7. Defendant Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy provided K5.5 million to buy ammunition for the Nway Oo Gangaw group which is carrying out terrorist activities in Yangon Region. In collusion with the Union of Myanmar Civil Defence (UMCD), NUG has been asked to purchase a 3D printer capable of producing guns worth about US$100 million. It has been reported that US dollars have been repeatedly exchanged for Myanmar currencies to support terrorist groups.
8. In order to provide financial and technical support, weapons and ammunition needed to commit these terrorist attacks, and lead, C-4 gunpowder, hand grenades, drones, satellite phones, walkie-talkie, terrorist NUG/CRPH/NUCC members and fugitives, Zaw Wai Soe, Mann Win Khine Than, Aung Kyi Nyunt, Lwin Ko Latt, Win Myat Aye, Htin Lin Aung, Moe Zaw Oo, Phyu Phyu Thin, Min Ko Naing, and Jimmy had a weekly Zoom Meeting.
9.  Thus, defendant Kyaw Min Yu (a) Jimmy, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, the brutal killing of innocent people in Yangon Region, closely planning and directing terrorist attacks with the NUG/ CRPH/NUCC, was charged under Section 49 (a), 50 (i) and 50 (j) of the Counter-Terrorism Law.
10. A Martial Law tribunal was set up to investigate the case as defendant Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy (father U Tin Yu) hid the weapons and ammunition to be used by the CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorist groups which have been declared terrorist groups by Order No (2/2021) of the Central Committee on Combatting Terrorism of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, carried out bombings in Yangon Region by leading the Moon Light Operation team, advised for the bombings of checkpoints, police stations, department offices and local battalions, provided financial assistance for Nway Oo Gantgaw group to buy arms and ammunition, requested the NUG terrorist group to buy a 3D printer that can produce arms worth about US$100 million in collusion with the UMCD, exchanged the US dollars for Myanmar currency several times to fund terrorist activities. Under Section 49 (a), 50 (i) and 50 (j) of the Counter-Terrorism Law, “death penalty” was issued. — MNA

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