MoC notifies edible oil manufacturers of labelling obligatory


To ensure consumer rights, all the edible oil companies and manufacturers to prepare the full label in the Myanmar Language on their goods by six months after this directive dated 22 December 2021, in the exercise of the authority conferred by Section 83 (B) of the Consumer Protection Law 2019.
The Consumer Affairs Department under the Ministry of Commerce will take action against those businessmen who violate food safety rules under the Consumer Protection Law.
The provisions stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law 2019 has been effective from 16 March 2020 (one year after the ratification of the law) and the companies must strictly adhere to the rules including mandatory labelling requirements (Chapter 18).
Companies need to provide product info in the Myanmar Language and another one or more languages on the label, as per the notification (2/2019) of the Myanmar Consumer Protection Commission dated 3 December 2019.
Regarding edible oil, types of goods, net size, quantity, net volume, instructions on how to store the product are required on the label.
Some edible oil is being distributed without proper labels. They bear only vegetable oil or cooking oil which lacks types of goods and ingredients. Such products make the consumers confused about products and buy wrong commodities.
In a bid to ensure food safety and quality, the edible oil distributed in the market must be affixed the label in Myanmar language, with net size, volume with Myanmar standard measurement units such as viss and tickle and types of goods. The companies must provide information enough to identify the goods. — GNLM

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