MoLA Union Minister attends ALA governing council meeting

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Chairperson of the ASEAN Law Association (Myanmar) Union Minister and Attorney-General of the Union Dr Thida Oo and officials attended the 42nd ASEAN Law Association Governing Council Meeting held through videoconferencing yesterday.
At the meeting, Union Minister and Attorney-General of the Union Dr Thida Oo said Myanmar, as a member state of ASEAN, is committed to the ASEAN Charter and respects its responsibilities contained in the charter. Myanmar joined the ASEAN Law Association in 2012 to strengthen the rule of law, judiciary and legal infrastructure, which are the objectives of ASEAN.
The ASEAN Law Association (Myanmar) was formed in 2013 and was amended in 2021, she added. The Association is chaired by the Union Minister for Legal Affairs and the Attorney-General of the Union and is formed with judicial officers, law officers, lawyers, and professors from university law departments. She said the State Administration Council formed a 14-member Coordinating Body for the Rule of Law and Justice, chaired by the Union Minister and the Attorney-General of the Union on 19 June. The coordinating body is implementing the Strategic Plan for Justice for the People (2019-2022), she said. On 28 October, the Bar Council Act was amended and chaired by the Union Minister for Legal Affairs and the Union Attorney-General.
The Union Minister said Myanmar is working with ASEAN member countries to build the ASEAN Community and achieve regional cooperation, as well as it is actively involved in ALAWMM and ASLOM. She also explained that the Office of the Union Attorney-General was reorganized into the Ministry of Legal Affairs under Section 419 of the State Constitution on 31 August 2021. The Ministry is responsible for scrutinizing drafted laws, regulations, rules, orders, and directives submitted by Union-level organizations and relevant ministries and providing legal advice. After receiving the recommendation of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the relevant ministry or organization shall submit the draft to the Security, Stability and Peace, and the Rule of Law Committee for approval at Cabinet meeting, she explained. After obtaining such approval, the State Administration Council promulgates it as a law.
The Union Minister and the Union Attorney-General explained the legal developments in Myanmar, including the establishment of the Myanmar Law Information System (MLIS) Website to provide the people with easy access to legal information; publishing law officer ethics, fair judicial standards, and guidelines for drafting bills, and reviewing land lease agreements and joint venture agreements; enactment of the Arbitration Law concerning domestic and international arbitration in 2016; the issue of the Supreme Court of the Union on the procedure for applying for a certificate of authenticity or a certified copy of liability related to the domestic arbitration. She continued that Myanmar ratified the ASEAN e-Commerce Agreement in 2018; it is also implementing the Digital Economy Road Map 2018-2025 and has formed the Myanmar e-Commerce Association. She said the e-Commerce Law was being drafted as part of the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community goals.
The 42nd ASEAN Law Association Governing Council Meeting approved the meeting record of the 41st ALA Governing Council, decided on the proposal to extend the term of ALA Chairman and Secretary-General, approved the ASNLI Annual Report and ASNLI Work plan 2022. The meeting also discussed best practices for the implementation of arbitration decisions in ASEAN countries and matters related to ASEAN law treaties and enhancing implementation. — MNA

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