Myanmar continues to import medical supplies

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A Cargo truck loaded unit medicines and medical equipment is ready to start trip from Chinshwehaw.

Myanmar’s import of medical supplies for the prevention, control and treatment of the COVID-19 disease is maintaining momentum with non-stop services at the border checkpoints even on the public holdiays.
The medical supplies for the prevention, control and treatment of the COVID-19 are imported from China via Nanphahaw border post between Myanmar and China in Chinshwehaw of Kokang Self-Administered Zone in the northern Shan State. On 21 August, 1,100 empty oxygen cyliners (15L), three oxygen plants, 600 empty spirit container cartons, 615 surgical cap boxes, 3,810 cartons of mask, 514 PPE suits and 203 medical regulators and 83 oxygen masks arrived again.
A red FOTON truck on six-wheels, a red FOTON truck on 12 wheels, one brown FOTON truck on 22 wheels and three red FOTON trucks on 22 wheels conveyed over 2,200 boxes with 7,000 masks, 615 boxes of 100,000 surgical caps, 40 regulators, 500 empty oxygen cylinders (15L), 150 oxygen masks and 50 PPE suits to Rolden Triangle warehouse located in Shwekuwa village, Kunlong Township.
Additionally, a red FOTON 12-wheeler delivered 100 PPE suits to Wangchunhlyan warehouse in Chinshwehaw and one red FOTON truck on 22 wheels also sent 1,538 boxes with 2,500 masks to Nagani warehouse in Chinshwehaw.
Moreover, another red FOTON 12-wheeler and a golden FOTON 22-wheeler transported 1,000 empty chemcial container, 600 empty oxygen cyliners (15L), 2,000 masks and 50 PPE suits and 20 regulators to Arlen yard in Chinshwehaw.
The medical equipments are imported by linking with cross-border posts in accordance with the regulations of the related ministries.—Sithu Maung Maung (IPRD)/GNLM

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