Myanmar plans to export more parboiled rice, broken rice in 2024-25FY

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Rice bags for export purpose are being loaded at the port.

According to President U Ye Min Aung of the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF), MRF intends to export more value-added rice products such as rice powder and rice noodles as well as parboiled rice and broken rice in the 2024-25 financial year.
Myanmar’s domestic rice consumption is ten million tonnes per year, while the country produces 12-14 million tonnes yearly, limiting the export capacity to only three million tonnes annually. Thus, relevant personnel focus on exporting more value-added rice products to create more income instead of shipping increased tonnes of rice.
“We plan to expand the export items. Instead of exporting rice, we will also export rice powder and rice noodles. On the other hand, rice bran oil is increasingly being produced, and we can also export the oil. Again, the by-product resulting from the rice bran oil production is planned to be sold in both the domestic and the external markets next year. We also plan to export animal foodstuff,” U Ye Min Aung said.
He also said the MRF will propose to the relevant departments to export more parboiled rice and broken rice in February and March of this financial year, while white rice is scheduled to be exported with limitations to ensure enough rice stock for domestic consumption.
In the 2023-24 financial year, income did not decline, although rice exports were reduced by 500,000 tonnes. In previous years, Myanmar earned approximately US$60 million monthly, although rice was exported in more tonnes. However, due to increasing global rice prices, the country earned up to $100 million in some months of this financial year. — ASH/TMT

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