Myanmar’s export bags US$266M in third week of Dec 2023

Trade value through Kampaiti border swells to US$21.381 million in December.

The value of Myanmar’s exports amounted to US$266 million in the third week of December, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed.
Myanmar shipped green gram, black gram, pigeon pea, and other various pulses, sesame, peanut, watermelon, muskmelon, fruits and vegetables, rubber, onion, shrimp, and other fishery products to its trade partners.
The pulses were conveyed to Pakistan, Thailand, the UAE, Viet Nam, Canada, the US, and Japan through a maritime route. Foreign demand has significantly risen at the end of the year. Furthermore, exports of the finished apparel manufactured on a Cutting, Making, and Packaging basis also grew.
Next, Myanmar’s Kampaiti border with the neighbouring country China totalled $21.381 million in December, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.
The Kampaiti border aims to achieve a trade target of $18.5 million in December, comprising exports worth $16 million and imports worth $2.5 million. More than $21 million worth of trade including exports worth $19.029 million and imports worth $2.352 million was carried out at the Kampaiti border as of the third week of December, surpassing the trade target of the month.
Tissue-cultured bananas, watermelon, pumpkin, rubber, chili pepper, and Aemahta rice were mainly exported and construction materials, capital goods, and intermediate goods were imported. — TWA/KK

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