Onion price falls and market not yet stable

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The price of onion, a major ingredient in Myanmar’s widely consumed dishes, is falling and the market is not stable yet, onion traders said.

“Onion price is falling in the last few days. It is only around K 2000 in the villages and when we resell it in the towns, it is at most K 2700. The market is not stable,” said an onion merchant.

It has been falling for a week and there is no sign of price recovery yet.

“Since the current village price is K 2000, what we used to buy for K 2600 previously has come down by K 600. It has been a week. I think it will go down further. Due to the route conditions, we have a lot of onions in our area. I don’t think the price will go up,” a trader commented.

Current onion prices per viss are K 2700 for Myittha (small), K 3200 for medium, K 3300 for large, K 2700 for mixed, K 2200 for Myingyan (small), and K 2500 for medium, according to Super Onion Trading.
Thit Taw/ZN

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