Overcome challenges to upgrading capacity level

Everybody may have experienced downhearted events in facing challenges once or many times in their life but no one thinks they should be grateful for these challenges.
Teachers teach students. Trainers give training to trainees. It means everybody needs teachers and trainers for having experiences in their immature life under the guidance and training. It is because they themselves do not have the efficient capacity to overcome or encounter the challenges of life as they do not understand the deceitful tricks of the secular world and vicious circle.
It is true that the challenges of life are anxieties for all persons. But mature persons have the appropriate knowledge and capacity to solve the problems they face daily. They intentionally and unintentionally apply the answers from lessons they exercised in childhood when their teachers and trainers gave training to them.
The knowledge they accumulated in childhood is invaluable now. The basic knowledge is the first step for them to seek various kinds of experiences for solving the harder and harder challenges. In fact, these challenges upgrade them to have a higher level of life and improve their knowledge and widen their scope.
In Myanmar society, a story showed that a pot-maker hits the pots to be better in the pottery industry but he does not have any purpose to break up the pots. He makes the pots more compact and stronger. It aims that the compact wall of the pot will be better to be used safely.
Similarly, harder and harder challenges will be higher and higher steps for everybody to have higher levels of mental status. If so, they have to assume that whenever they overcame a challenge, they had stepped up one more level. But, if they give up, they will fail. That is why everybody should not delay and be hesitating to face the challenges in their life and they have to delightedly seek ways to overcome the challenges. They will face the significant experience that whenever they overcame challenges or solved problems, they would be pleased with their life and they would take pride in their efforts.
Actually, everybody may face easy or hard challenges on a daily basis. It is unavoidable. If they avoid the challenges whenever they face them, their acts will be cowardly. Only when they deservedly overcome challenges or solve the problems of life will their acts be valuable. It will depend on the choice of a person.


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