Oxygen plant construction in Homalin completed 30%


The construction of oxygen plant was completed 30 per cent near Department of progress of Border Areas and National Races, in Homalin township, in Hkamti district, Sagaing region, said U Thein Zaw, chairman of Homalin Township Administration Body.
The construction of the oxygen plant was started on 31 July 2021 and the project has been completed 30 per cent so far.
“The construction was started on 31 July. The foundation of the project is finished. The concrete pillars are erected. Earlier, we expected that the construction project will take only one month. But the project wasn’t completed due to the unexpected rain. Hopefully, the project will be finished on 15 September,” said U Thein Zaw.
The total cost of the project is estimated to be about K25 or K40 million. The machines, which will be able to produce about 40 40-litre oxygen cylinders, will cost K68 million.
“Homalin township currently receives only 12 oxygen cylinders a day. Sometimes, the township could produce the 20 oxygen cylinders by running day and night due to the high demand for oxygen in town” he added.
Oxygen is the key to saving lives. Some people have died because they had to struggle to breathe and no oxygen was available.
The construction of the oxygen plant was led by the Sayadaw from Homalin Township. Then, the oxygen plant implementation committee was formed together with the township administration, relevant departments and residents.
“People also donated cash to establishment of the oxygen plants in Homalin township. Upon completion of the project, it can fulfil the oxygen requirement in the township. Now, we have to bring the oxygen from Pauk township due to the high demand for oxygen in town,” said U Thein Zaw.
Homalin township has reported a total of 1,632 cases with 80 deaths and 1,501 recoveries as of 28 August 2021. — Lulay/GNLM

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