Prevent depletion of fish resources


The various species of water creatures from the seas and oceans as well as rivers, creeks and lakes more than the animals from land are contributing much to the food sufficiency of humans.
A two-third of the world is covered with ocean waters inhabited by various kinds of water creatures. Those water animals not only from the oceans but from rivers and creeks benefit the life of humans.
As foods obtained from the land are gradually shortages, humans rely more on the water creatures which contain an abundant percentage of protein. At present, seafood is the favourite meal among global countries.
Governments from many countries are taking preventive measures of depleting the fish sources by enacting laws. Indeed, the fishery business is booming day by day in the production of marine products to meet global demand. That is why fish and value-added fishery products, as well as seafood production, is great business that earns income for the State and businesspersons.
Moreover, fishery and fish production industries create job opportunities for the people from respective countries. Nowadays, more than 250 million people from South-East Asian countries are relying on the fishery industry. But, today’s water surface of oceans is full of waste thrown by humans and chemical waste drained out by industries. These chemical wastes are toxic for water creatures.
Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is one of the largest contributors to overfishing in Southeast Asia. In addition to its environmental impacts, IUU fishing is also commonly linked to serious human welfare abuses and represents a nontraditional threat facing maritime security across Southeast Asia.
Myanmar set the non-fishery period from May to July every year to conserve the fish resources in the waters. During the period, any fishing trawlers do not leave for the seas. T he authorities also take action against the offenders. Meanwhile, not only authorities but local people release fingerlings into the natural waters. Systematic fishing laws and rules help Myanmar conserve its water territory filled with abundant water creatures.
Everybody needs to take care of the cause and the effect of doing something. They have to calculate the possibilities in all arenas by avoiding two edges of the way. They all need to seek the best way between the consumption of seafood and conservation for water creatures.

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