Professional photographers resume their business at U Bein bridge

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Professional photographers at U Bein bridge.  Photo: Nwe Nadi (Myitnge)

Local professional photographers at U Bein bridge in Amarapura Township of Mandalay Region have returned to their works as many visitors are flocking to the historical bridge since early January this year.
The scenic view on the bridge and landscape view in the sunflower field near the bridge are the options for most of the visitors for the photo taken.
A professional photographer said that he earned about K7,000 to K10,000 from the business although many visitors used their mobile phones in taking their photos. He also said that the photographers secure regular income due to the increasing number of visitors during the holidays and weekends. Each beauty photo is charged K1,000 for small size, K1,500 for medium size and K3,000 for large size.
There are over 50 professional photographers at the U Bein bridge.—Nwe Nadi (Myitnge) (Translated by Aung Khin)

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