PutaO expedition to conquer snow-covered Mount Hponkanrazi commences this Nov

The arrangements are being made to offer the tour to PutaO and scale snow-capped Mount Phonkanrazi of Kachin State starting early November to May 2024, said Ko Min Khine from Trekking In Myanmar Company Limited.
The travel company will start two-night and three-day, and three-night and four-day tour packages to PutaO and a six-night and seven-day trip to Mount Phonkanrazi starting November 2023, and the group trips to PutaO will be from November 2023 to May 2024.
“PutaO township in Kachin State in the northern part of Myanmar is a huge flat valley surrounded by ice-capped mountains and it has been so cloudy, and so it is difficult to see the ice-capped mountain scenery. If the weather is fine and clear, travellers can see the ice-capped mountains from every location of PutaO. Therefore, visitors should prioritize the proper locations not only the scene of mountains. Currently, we arrange the tours to distinct locations in PutaO and Machanbaw. We will start the ice-mountain scaling tour later,” he said.
The PutaO-Machanbaw trip includes visits to Maha Myat Muni pagoda, Putaung village, Khakaborazi National Museum, Mulashidi village and suspension bridge, Rawan Manaw compound, Rawan cultural museum, Heart-shaped Lake of PutaO, Kaung Hmu Lone pagoda, Malikha suspension bridge, Kyauk Naga, ancient buildings and Gu Bar Guest House, Nat Kyun, Fairy Inland in Malikha River, Nat Kyun pagoda and Kyauk Phyar. — ASH/KTZH

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